Self-respect comes first, while rest takes a back seat.

Do you feel you have lost yourself in your life after a certain age? Due to family or professional responsibility, you forget what makes you feel happy.

Do you wonder why after trying to help everyone at the office, you still don’t get the desired appreciation or recognition from the manager or whom it concerned?

Do you feel that your family members are unhappy after taking care of them so well during all those crucial, critical, and difficult times?

Why does it happen? After all the sacrifices, time, effort, love, and affection you give to someone you care about and value, you still feel that they are neither happy nor you.

Think, why is this repeatedly happening?

It is not that people are wrong. It is not that they are ill-treating you. It is because you don’t need to make everyone happy. It is because you don’t know how to say “NO. You don’t know how to set boundaries. You don’t understand yourself. You are not able to manage your priority. You are not respecting your time, decision and plans.

You value and respect the other person more than yourself. Have you ever thought, why do you treat yourself as though you are lesser than the other person? Be it your team member, manager, life partner, or friend? You feel you are inferior to them. You have trained your mind to believe that if someone is more prosperous, knowledgeable, or holds a higher position than you, they are superior to you, and you are inferior to them. Why should you feel so?

Respect yourself and love yourself for the person you are.

Give quality time for yourself. Think who you are. What is that you like doing.? How is it that you want to be when you are around everyone? What is that which most irritates you.? What would make you feel happy and satisfied.? This task will, in return, help you to understand yourself better.

It is A beautiful feeling to get to know more about yourself. It is like, “You introducing your inner self to your self.”

Start Saying “NO” without GUILT

The next task is to think about why you aren’t stopping people or yourself from doing things you don’t like. Start saying no without guilt. Start setting a plan for the day. Write on a piece of paper, “I can not make everyone happy who is connected to my life,” and paste it next to the mirror. You and I always try to make people happy instead of keeping ourselves happy.

It’s easy for anyone and everyone to jump in and ask you to do something when you are busy doing your task. But it is tough to say no and say that you will do it later if you want it. Otherwise, you can directly say “No.”

Build your Self-respect. Only you can build it for yourself.

It takes time to understand yourself, make your principle strong, and build your self-respect. It is very important to build one. It starts first with understanding how good your behavior is. Self-respect is critical for your life and those who are connected to you.

One would take self-respect seriously and find meaning after overcoming failures, bad experiences, fighting against loneliness, financial issues, lack of moral support, and many more. It takes time to create your identity, build self-respect, and set the boundary lines. But once you are ready, you will love yourself, respect yourself, and respect others.

Never get confused between self-respect and arrogance.

Self-respect does not mean being rude, ignoring someone’s ideas, or disrespecting others’ time. Stay humble and calm, and communicate skillfully with people. If you see around, self-respected people know how to treat the people around them. Of self-respect, people treat people how they want to be treated. They respect their own time and value the time of others too.

Present yourself always positively and powerfully.

Showcase yourself as a positive & confident person always. Self-respect is about loving yourself for the person you are, believing in your principles and values, sticking to them, and not changing them under any circumstance or due to any pressure. Always Schedule your day, be it for personal or professional tasks. Prioritize the activities. Know what your goals are and how to achieve them. Be proud of your strength and work on your weakness.


You are reading this article because you want to become the best version of yourself.

To build self-respect, you need to develop self-confidence first.

Come out of your comfort zone, and challenge yourself every day. You will understand that you are capable of much more than you think. It is the best way to build your Self Confidence.

Most of the time, self-respect is confused with “being selfish.” Say, “yes, I am selfish.” Don’t try to correct it since people will not understand until they respect themselves.

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