Feeling sad is good sometimes.

 “Are you fine? are you feeling sad? don’t worry things will be fine”

 “Move on; this kind of thing happens in life. Don’t worry, forget and move on.”

These are the standard lines you will hear when going through a difficult phase in your life. It is tough to come out of the bad situations in life. But only those going through the situation know how hard it is to move on.

Feeling Sad
Take time to come back as a better version of yourself.

When feeling sad, the “Move on” word does not help you anymore.

You are the only one who knows how it feels to lose something or someone you loved the most. For whom you gave your time, life, emotions, love, care, money, and everything.

Those days sleep is just not sleeping. It is an escape. Avoid family members, disconnection with friends, being alone, having nonstop tears in your eyes, and standing still in one place without any movement, thoughts, or no talks. You JUST WANT TO BE ALONE.

And that’s one of the right ways to behave in bad situations. Being wallow is not a bad thing for some time.

It is good to Sulk.

As mentioned, it’s good to sulk for some time to overcome the nightmare. Take time, behave as badly as you like, and cry as loudly as possible.

Stay in bed as long as you want. Eat nonstop and eat all your favorite unhealthy food. There is no shortcut to coming out of sad situations. You have to go through all the stages. So don’t try to be strong, and don’t behave like nothing happened because your mind and heart know that you are feeling sad.

Mainly what is happening in the world is not in your hand. But what is happening within you is in your hand and your thoughts.

So let the time flow. Share with your friends whom you trust how worst you feel, cry, and share with your family members. There is nothing wrong with sharing what you are going through with your loved ones.

Yes, sometimes you feel like sharing what you are going through with your friends, but you cannot. That’s ok, don’t share it. You want to sleep; you can’t sleep since you are so tired that sleep can’t fix it. That’s ok. You are going through a lousy time, and it will pass soon.

Go in Front of the mirror and talk about everything that happened to you. Look in the mirror and tell that you are feeling sad and face your reaction.

What was your mistake? Who’s the mistake? Whatever it is, speak out. Throw out from your heart and mind, don’t keep anything. Cry out. Nothing is wrong in behaving like this.

I am not telling you that things can be changed or rewound. But I assure you that you will find a way to come out. You will feel a bit relaxed. The amount of tears that fall out of your eyes will reduce day by day.

Keep doing it every day until you have nothing to discuss the situation more.

Give it time, don’t be in a hurry. But don’t take too long. Don’t allow sad situations to turn into depression. Since the people in your life are waiting for you to return to normal, they may not tell you, but they are waiting for you. And the first person waiting for you to become normal is yourself: Who is missing you, missing your laugh, missing your smile, missing that unique personality.

Feeling Sad
There is always a way.

We don’t throw the whole fruit when a part is spoiled. We will cut and throw the rotten part, and the rest will use it. In the same way, just one part of life is terrible; cut and throw it away. The rest of your life has to be cherished.  

That’s OK. Take some time to overcome the situation, but don’t take too much time and get into depression.

There is always hope,  but you can’t see. Your brain and heart do not allow you to see. Cry, feel bad, get up, tap your back, and tell yourself, “That’s ok, whatever happened, that’s ok, let’s start fresh,” and you will see the new road of HOPE.

And come back as a whole different person. Come back as a transformation. Do a makeover externally and internally. Change your morning routines. Change yourself, transform yourself. Bring it on a New version of yourself, an updated version of yourself.

Let me know whether you have other options besides returning with a BANG.

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