Break up with your Mobile

Do you feel lethargic once you are off bed?

Do you think yet another day in your life?

No motivation, no positive feelings, feel empty heart. Sometimes without reason, you feel like crying, like to be alone. If you think that these types of emotions you often feel, then here is one simple task to come out of the situation. Keep your mobile away for an hour before going to bed and once you wake up in the morning. You will see the changes within 5 to 10 days.

Treat mobile like your enemy in the morning hours.

But can you do it? That’s a big task or equal to impossible for the people who are Nomophobia(NO MObile PHone phoBIA).

Below are a few lists of questionary to find out if you are NOMOPHOBIA

  • Do you panic when you don’t see your mobile once you are out of bed?
  • Once you are out of the washroom, you will check for your social media updates.
  • You Keep checking your mobile even in the movie theatre, Middle of a critical meeting, or In between your meals.
  • At night when you wake up for the washroom or drink water, you will check on your mobile battery or social media updates, messages, etc.  

If your answer is Yes to all the above questions, congratulations, you belong to the NOMOPHOBIA group.

Firstly, do you want to change yourself? If your answer is yes, treat your phone as an enemy for a couple of hours in the morning. Trust me; it is going to change your life.  

Concentrate on your Goals in the morning.

Once you dismiss your alarm and wake up in the morning, keep your phone away to avoid getting distracted by notifications. Keep it silent or vibrate, or switch off the notifications for a couple of hours. But keep it away from you in the morning so that you make up you’re healthy morning routine. The choice is yours.

When you check your mobile early in the morning, you get angry from annoying emails and upset about social media posts. But still, you keep scrolling down and down to check for more updates. You say You let me see the updates for just 5 minutes, and you will non know how an hour passed in that 5 minutes. You understand well what I am trying to say.

The same applies at night. Stay away from social media updates, news, status, and emails for at least one hour before bed.

It helps you sleep peacefully without getting annoyed that the petrol price is increasing or my friend has gone on an international trip, and I cannot enjoy a piece of cake in your life.

Benefits of keeping  your mobile  away :

An hour before the sleepAn hour after you wake up
Positive thoughts Positive Behaviour
Good SleepSelf Motivated day
Peaceful mindHigh energy
The clarity for the next dayNew hope in life
Healthy RelationshipHappy
You limit your days and shorten them by jumping into social media as soon as you wake up. Unharming your day starts in the early morning, which is in your hand.


If you feel like your days are just passing by, it is because you are spending most of your time on the wrong things.

The best way to start your day is to hug your loved ones and say Good morning instead of saying good morning to mobile. It gives you the kickstart for the entire day.

Think about those days when mobile was only to call for an emergency. The rest of the time is spent with family and friends and planning to achieve your goals. You miss many beautiful and valuable things around you because you are always on your cell phone.

Can you look around and see what’s happening around you?

Isn’t it beautiful & exciting?

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