5 things must do in the morning hours.

Do you feel lethargic once you off the bed? Do you think yet another day in life?. No motivation, no good feelings, feel empty heart. Sometimes without reason, you feel like crying, like to be alone.  This feeling can happen for various reasons.  Like Work pressure, family problems, health issues, breakup, nothing interesting in life, no break from responsibilities, and the list is never-ending.

Here are 5 Tips on the Morning Routine to make your day from good to better.

1. Gratitude

Start your days with a Thank you list to God for what you have today.  For the good health, food, water, clothes, and most importantly, you are alive today at this movement.

You may think these are the basic things which you should have, and everyone has. But we know it is not true. Even today, many families struggle every morning for one meal a day and water to drink. So be grateful that you have it in your hand.

Usually, we keep thanking our co-workers, your Managers, our family members, friends. But have you ever thanked the pantry guy who cleans your table once your done eating? Have you thanked the watchman who takes care of your kid in the absence of parents? have you ever thanked the salesman in the shopping mall who helped you get the stuff you wanted?. We can make a big list of people we miss in our daily life to show gratitude.

A surprise treats once a month for the people who help us will make you and they feel good.

2. Exercise

Who does not know that exercise improves your health and enhances the quality of life. But still, how many of us do the routine. People tend to do diet to reduce the weight, but how long you can control your cravings. Remember, the things which you achieve using shortcuts won’t last.

Every day 60 minutes of exercise, which you spend for yourself, will be the greatest gift you are giving yourself.

Do not stick to one type of exercise. Keep changing the pattern—yoga, Zumba, aerobics, weight lifting, jogging, and walking since your body gets edited to one type of activity and stops giving you the result you want. Do not give any reason while traveling. You can do spot jogging and the jumping jack for 15 minutes in a very constrained place. 

Remember, if you start for somebody, you will end up the activity very soon. Love yourself and start doing for yourself: that stays with you in your lifestyle. 

3. Meditation

Prayer is when you talk to God, Meditation is when you listen to God. – Diana Robinson.

One who had experienced it knows the exact benefit of the meditation. I have heard so many of my known people telling me that they feel sleepy whenever they start meditating. And I always tell them yes, it happens initially, but if you keep practicing, you will be able to meditate properly. It does not mean that it is not the right way of meditating if you don’t feel like sleeping. Individual people experience in different ways. So there is nothing right or wrong rule for meditating. 

To start with, start with Music. There are lots of meditation music on the internet. Or you can also start with your favorite song instruments.

You feel a different type of experience initially. Sometimes you feel very emotional because of all the negative thoughts, or sometimes the past life comes in front of you like a real movie. But don’t stop. Continue doing it; over the period of time, you will experience the relaxation and the benefits of the time given to it.

Remember, nothing comes like a Fastrack. If you need the best result, you have to give some quality time.

4. Affirmation

Very Simple technic to make your dream comes true. Write every day what you want from life. What is your Goal? What is that you want to become. When you sit and visualize yourself, from now to the next ten years of your life, where do you see yourself, how you look, your financial state, what you have achieved, everything you should write. And write it as it’s happening right now.

You may think writing every day is not possible, or what if you miss it. How important is your goal to you? Writing the Affirmation is equally important. You can record your affirmation and keep listening to that whenever it’s possible.

5. Take up time for yourself

Taking some time for yourself every day and observe yourself. What is that you are going to do. What is that you are doing. Why are you like this? What makes you happy. What makes you sad. What you did well. What you did wrong. Observe minor to minor things. Watch your life movie sitting alone in a theater. It is a great way of knowing about you before someone knows what you are.

Just watching yourself every day in the mirror and understanding what you are. What makes you happy, what makes you sad, what triggers you. This will help you to bring the solution for every challenge you are facing currently.


The morning routine starts from making your bed the previous day. As a good start, you are preparing your mind for excellent practice for the next day.

Don’t think that only the CEO of a company or one working in a good company must follow the morning routine. Each and everyone needs to practice the morning routine. You are the leader of your own life. You are the hero of your own life.  You also have equal responsibility in your life, which has to be handled.

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